JW Kane Precision Engineering Wins SC21 Silver Award

JW Kane Precision Engineering has been awarded an SC21 Silver Award. This prestigious award will be presented by ADS at the Titanic Museum in Belfast in November at the ADS SC21 award ceremony. This is good news for JW Kane, their customer Bombardier Aerospace and Sigma who have supported them through training and coaching to reach such a high standard. This follows continuing success for Bombardier’s supply chain improvement plans where Sigma, as the nominated strategic partner, has been working with Bombardier’s top 12 key suppliers over the last three years. Earlier in July 2012 the first Northern Ireland SC21 silver award was presented to Moyola, another of Bombardier’s top suppliers, by the Northern Ireland First Minister, Rt Hon Peter Robinson MLA. For more details contact Mike Harrison the Sigma Senior consultant running the Northern Ireland SC21 programme.

Customer Relationships—can I have jam with that please?

I asked a client why they chose a particular supplier for a very large multi-million pound technical programme, they said quite simply they were ‘easy to do business with, they listened to what we wanted, asked questions and listened again and gave us confidence that we could work with them’.

Likewise a successful sales director said the role of his account managers was to talk at the customer and then talk louder and faster if they tried to ask too many questions, yes he was joking.more or less!

Given everyone has the best technology, the best product, the best solution, it is the ability to listen, demonstrate that they have listened that is increasingly giving companies a competitive edge and building repeat business. This is what our clients tell us on and off the record.

Finally which conference centre would you use based on these interactions?

  1. Me, “ Could I have two slices of brown toast with some strawberry jam please?” Response was, (as they were pressing numerous buttons on the high tech till). “Certainly sir, brown or white toast?” “er, brown please” and .“would you also like Jam with that as well?”.
  2. We were overrunning a workshop into lunchtime, buffet lunch is outside.”Sir there is hot food as part of the buffet, would you like me to make sure it is kept hot or will you be out shortly, not a problem either way”

Both providing a service, both similar prices, one much easier to do business with, and, yes, we went back to the second venue!