Is Partnering Dead?

‘A lively and candid session”

CIPS SIG hear industry perspective on Partnering

The MOD CIPS Special Interest Group organises regular events at Abbey Wood which are open to commercial and non-commercial staff alike and aim to give attendees a different perspective and flavour on current procurement issues.

The event on 29 April was no exception and saw Paul Davis from SIGMA present on the topic ‘Is Partnering Dead?’ Attendees had the chance to debate the issue and decide whether or not adopting a Partnering approach has a positive effect on the way we contract or is too wasteful of resource.

Paul Davis has extensive experience of working in the defence sector and with the MOD and had some input into the development of the MOD’s A Partnering Handbook for Acquisition Teams.

During his presentation Paul presented the cases for and against partnering.  Different flavours of Partnering were discussed and everyone agreed that we should all decide why we want to partner and with what benefits.  Attendees were then asked to discuss the issues with their peers before the audience voted on whether or not a partnering approach should be adopted where it was applicable.  The overwhelming majority of the audience voted for partnering `when appropriate’ with 41 votes to 9.

Feedback from the attendees was positive and many felt that the debate format and audience participation made for a lively and candid session.

The above article is courtesy of Commercial Break, the MOD’s DE&S Commercial Magazine, May 2013.