Customer Focus – it’s all in the mind(-set)

We’ve been doing a lot of “customer focus” work recently. One major aerospace and defence prime contractor wants to understand its customers better so we are delivering training on their main customer’s strategy, organisation, processes, constraints, behaviours and culture. Another major service provider wants to be “more customer focussed”. Again, we are providing training and consultancy on how the company can develop more customer focussed strategies. A third customer wants to work more effectively with its customers so we are facilitating “working together” SCRIA FrameworkTM workshops.

This is all well and good. Any company needs to get the right customer understanding, put the right customer focussed strategies in place and develop the practicalities of how to work together. Quite often though, we find that one thing is a bit harder to change – the mind-set of the people, the teams, the whole organisation in thinking “customer” rather than “supplier”. True customer focus needs a shift of thinking from “why we can’t meet the requirement” to “how can we”. From “our solution is” to “their need is”. From what we value to what the customer values. Sigma’s customer focussed training, consultancy and facilitation enables our client to change what they offer, in terms of strategies, processes and organisation – but also focusses on how they deliver it with a customer focussed mind-set.