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Changing how you think, act & behave

Sigma was founded in 1983 to support organisations working together by helping to change the way they think, act and behave.

Through Consultancy, Facilitation and Learning & Development our approach is to customise everything that we do to ensure that we deliver upon your initial requirements and prompt further thoughts and actions that go beyond your expectations.

We are subject matter experts in Collaborative Working and our main brands, the SCRIA Framework® , provides a unique and independent approach to improving supplier and customer relationships. We have deployed SCRIA successfully across a range of industries, including Aerospace, Defence, Energy and Rail (where it is referred to as the Value Improvement Programme - VIP).

We spend time listening to all parties to gain a full understanding of the situation and expected outcomes. This enables full buy-in to the assignment by everyone and helps us to get to the heart of the matter quickly.

Our style is practical, non-theoretical, fast and results orientated. Our facilitation approach confronts issues robustly without being confrontational.

Our training assignments go beyond the text book to deliver highly relevant information and skills that all delegates can apply in their jobs immediately.

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The Sigma team members are all subject matter experts in their particular domain with a proven track record of delivering projects that exceed client expectations.

Their years as practitioners means that they go beyond the text book in supporting clients across the whole lifecycle of a project from bidding to transitioning into the delivery of the capability.