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Developing Practitioners to implement BS11000

Imagine the scenario – you receive an invitation to tender (ITT) and the requirement is complex and the T&Cs offer little or no positive incentive to share risks with most of the risk passed down to the supplier.  The customer’s commercial structure drives towards “traditional or cooperative” behaviours rather than “collaborative”.  However, the evaluation criteria […]

How to Gain Competitive Advantage in Competitive Dialogue

Competitive Dialogue (CD) was introduced in January 2006 to help shape complex procurement when the requirements are difficult to define, or requires innovation, or is complex or high risk, and requires bidders to deliver the most economical and advantages tender solutions within a competitive environment. Typically, these procurements and commercial models are of the PPP/PFI […]

Don’t think “Lean” think “Value”

Often we hear our clients ask “can you ‘lean’ out that area?”, or “we need to sort out production – can you do a 5S project?” We could, and there might be marginal benefit from delivering those tasks in isolation, but any such benefit will likely be short-lived as a flavour of the (last) month. […]