Guest Blog ~ Team Working Assessment with Sigma

Much has been made about the debacle surrounding the bidding for the West Coast Main line franchise. High-level technical expertise and the right commercial model are critical in evaluating the potential success of projects. This applies equally to those in regulatory bodies and members of the bidding project team.

But technical excellence alone does not guarantee success.  At a personal level, members of the project team have got to be able to work together through thick and thin.  Consequently, we believe that it is essential that a carefully considered evaluation process becomes an integral part in assembling a team for a major project.

The key question has to be “When the going gets tough, will this group of individuals be able to remain focused on the overall direction of the project whilst supporting each other in its delivery?”  This is essentially a question about personalities, how the individual fits and the coalescence of the team.

We are increasingly using Talent Q, a reputable provider of psychometric assessment tools, to help clients gauge the make-up of their bid and project teams.  Using Team Type profiles from Talent Q’s Dimensions series of reports enables us to pinpoint individual and team strengths, and where any flashpoints might occur.

In summary, we see clients that are adopting this approach getting their teams off to a strong start, mitigating subsequent risks to project delivery and capable of withstanding major set backs

John Jackson, Inspired Partners

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