ISO 44001

The International Standard for Collaborative Business Relationships

The Collaborative Business Relationship Management Standard, ISO 44001, is designed to help organisations manage business to business relationships.  It  outlines standards to implement a collaborative working policy, processes,systems and behaviours internally and to create mutual value with partners, encapsulated in a joint Relationship Management Plan .

Sigma is a Registered Partner for the implementation of ISO 44001. We can work with you to develop your strategy for implementing ISO 44001, at a project level, business unit level or across the entire enterprise. We can train you in the standard, perform diagnostics to assess your compliance and assist you in implementing the standard in the most effective way.

The standard measures:

Attributes – Your Policy, Plans, Procedures for collaborative working with Customers, suppliers and partners

Ability – The knowledge and skills of your people to collaborate for mutual business benefit

Attitude – Your demonstration of understanding, values and propensity to work collaboratively

The process for implementing ISO 44001 consists of:

  • A health check on your current policies and procedures to avoid duplication
  • A gap analysis against the ISO 44001 criteria
  • A road-map to get you aligned and compliant with the standard
  • Coaching and advice to implement the standard
  • Support to achieve certification where appropriate

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