People Development

 We shape the time and training methods to fit around your business. The training intervention will be based on a training needs assessment and consist of a range of blended solutions including virtual & digital learning, classroom workshops, on-the-job coaching, briefings, branding of materials and transfer of knowledge and skills through train-the-trainer workshops.

We spend time talking to your people either individually or in groups to tailor the content of the workshop to your particular needs. We are domain experts but we also pride ourselves on understanding your business so that what we deliver is always relevant and in context. We are constantly told that we "go beyond the textbook".

Much of our work is coaching on the job. We have a team of professional coaches dedicated to getting people up to speed quickly with the right knowledge and skills transfer.

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We customise our approach and pride ourselves on being able to deliver exactly what our customers need. If you would like to discuss how we can help you to develop your people, click on the contact button below. 

Our Development Courses & Programmes

 We provide a range of learning & development programmes across our domain areas of expertise. We usually customise our programmes specifically for our clients, building on our extensive range of "off the shelf" material. Some of our programmes are delivered as single 1, 2 or 3 day courses, can be built into short programmes, or complete capability development programmes, in topics such as Leadership or Commercial Management.  A selection of our courses and programme is illustrated below. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss how we might build a custom programme for you. 

Customer Focused

Customer Focused

Customer Focused


Account Management

Customer Focus

Customer Relationship Management

Business Winning

Capture Management

Collaborative Working

Influencing Skills

Negotiation Skills


Customer Focused

Customer Focused


Leading Collaborative Working

Leading Change

Engineering Leadership Development

Leading & Managing Teams

High Performing Teams

Leading Bid Teams

Developing Leadership Behaviours

Supplier Focused

Customer Focused

Supplier Focused


Strategic Sourcing

Supply Chain Management

Supplier Performance Management

Supplier Development

Supplier Relationship Management

Negotiation Skills


Collaborative Working

Supplier Focused


Commercial Awareness

Commercial Management


International Contracting

Contract Management

Availability Contracting

UK MOD Single Source Contracting

Strategic Negotiating

Commercial Capability Development Programme (IACCM compliant)

Collaborative Working

Collaborative Working

Collaborative Working


Collaborative Working Awareness

Collaborative Working Skills Collaborative Working Behaviours

Developing a JSCW/RMP

ISO44001 Awareness

Implementing ISO44001

ISO44001  Senior Executive Responsible (SER) and Board Training 

ISO44001 Team Training

How to develop and Exit Plan

Preparing for ISO44001 Assessment